Vandals’ bassist wants a seat on the bench

July 2012

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Here’s a story that grabbed my attention – having been a punk rocker, practicing entertainment lawyer and magistrate myself: it’s all about US attorney Joe Escalante’s campaign to be a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge. Escalante, 49, the former bassist for the Vandals (who were at their biggest in the early 80s, but still perform) and who has been an attorney for 20 years including a stint as Director of Business Affairs at CBS. He has also served as a temporary judge for the Los Angeles Superior Court system.  In between all that he also fought a long trade mark battle against Variety magazine but it seems the Court doesn’t want him after the Judicial Election Evaluations Committee (JEEC), an organization within the Los Angeles County Bar Association that evaluates judicial candidates, labelled Escalante and four others as “not qualified” for judgeship. In fact I think Mr Escalante may have once sent a UK band featuring a couple of my students and called the [something] Vhandals  a ‘cease and desist’ letter! Anyway, It’s all here.

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