Strong speaks out about Money – and the lack of it

October 2013

Music publishing


A row is brewing over authorship of the classic Tamala Motown song “Money (That’s What I Want)” – first recorded in 1959. Barrett Strong was credited as both the recording artist and the author of the song but his song writing credit was removed, seemingly by Motown Records executives, three years later. He was restored in 1987 when the copyright was renewed, but his name was then removed again the following year. Wikipedia credit the song to Tamla founder (and Strong’s personal manager)  Berry Gordy Jr and lyricist Janie Bradford. Strong, now 72, Strong says he’s been duped adding “For 50 years, I had no idea about any of this” and in a criticism of the US copyright registration system said  “It was hidden from me. So how do they expect me to have acted to protect myself? It’s crazy and unfair”.

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