CCI costs unearthed

November 2013

Internet, recording industry


TorrentFreak has managed to unearth some financial details for The Center for Copyright Information (CCI), the not for profit organisation set up to administer the US’s ‘six strikes’ regime. When the scheme stated  the founding content owner members (primarily the MPAA and the RIAA) agreed to share the costs with ISPs. The company’s first eight month tax filing shows that  ISPs and copyright holders paid a total of $1,377,633 in membership dues, putting the yearly budget around $2 million per year. So where is all the money going? Well here’s a breakdown, via TorrentFreak: (i) – The CCI pays Executive Director Jill Lesser – the only key employee working there – a modest $43,750 during the first eight months of 2012 BUT (ii) Lesser indirectly earns a bit more from CCI from her consulting firm JAL, which the CCI paid $193,750 during the same eight-month period. (iii) – Around $144,093 was paid to PR firm Glover Park Group and (iv)- Resource Global was paid $125,691 for its consulting services, as well as $102,928 in legal fees. The costs do not cover the cost of copyright actions by copyright holders and the costs ISPs incur when tracking down infringers and processing the notices with TorrentFreak saying that “copyright holders and ISPs are likely to spend double or triple the previously mentioned $2 million on the entire six-strikes system.”

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