Live Music Act consultation underway

December 2013

Live events sector


Further deregulation of entertainment licensing for live music venues is to be considered by the UK government, which could bring rules into line with those for live performances of dance and theatre.  Last year the new Live Music Act allowed venues in England and Wales which sell alcohol the freedom to host live music performances for audiences of up to 200 people between 8am and 11pm.  A consultation launched last week will look at increasing the upper audience limit to 500 people.

A statement from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport said the reason behind the consultation on further deregulation was to grow the creative economy and remove burdens from small and medium-sized businesses saying “In particular, the measures in relation to live and recorded music are intended to help pubs, hotels and other hospitality businesses diversify their offer and access new markets,” said a spokesman. The Musicians’ Union said it welcomed the consultation and saw it as “positive step” towards removing live music from the Licensing Act altogether.


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