Ultra Records sues YouTube star Michelle Phan

August 2014

Internet, recorded music


Sony-affiliated EDM label Ultra Records, home to deadmau5 and Calvin Harris, is suing YouTube star Michelle Phan for using tracks in her videos without permission although the producer of one of those tracks, Kaskade, however, has distanced himself from the legal action.

According to Reuters, Ultra’s recordings and publishing divisions are jointly suing Phan, whose make up tips videos have clocked up over 150 million views. In the lawsuit, Ultra says that Phan had been warned that she was infringing copyright “and yet continues to wilfully infringe in blatant disregard of plaintiff’s rights of ownership”. The lawsuit identifies multiple alleged instances of copyright infringement, and seeks an injunction to force Phan to stop, and the maximum statutory damages for each infringement of $150,000.



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