Iggy Azalea tries trade mark tactic to head of porn tape

October 2014



Singer Iggy Azalea’s lawyers have fired off a legal warning to Vivid Entertainment over use of the singer’s name in connection with sex tape which allegedly features Azalea and rapper Hefe Wine – who says the tape does feature the couple. The letter says Vivid are unable to use the name “Iggy” in marketing. According to TMZ, the legal letter warns Vivid that the name “Iggy” is protected by US. Iggy’s lawyers claim that the tape isn’t of her, but that if a tape does exist it was filmed without her knowledge or consent and that she may have been under eighteen but Wine says Iggy was both of legal age and aware of the tape. The pair met when Azalea was 17. Sources close to Iggy say that she feels “betrayed” by Hefe.

Azalea has launched separate legal proceedings against the former boyfriend, who, it seems, also released an EP of her early recordings this summer.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pair worked on music together, as well as beginning a relationship. At some point during this time, her lawsuit alleges, “Williams downloaded the entire contents of Azalea’s personal computer”. Last month, early Azalea tracks appeared on download stores, via a partnership between Williams and a company called Primco Management. Universal Music quickly issued cease and desists to force the EP back offline, and Azalea claims that the music on it was amongst files taken from her computer. Williams seemingly claims to have an agreement allowing him to use Azalea’s music and other content in his possession as he sees fit. However, says Azalea’s lawsuit, this agreement is a forgery based on a copy of an old management contract. According to THR, the legal papers state: “The forged agreement contains tell-tale signs that it is not genuine. For example, it includes mismatched fonts on the signature page, paragraph numbers out of sequence, a signature line for ‘Wine Enterprises, inc.’ [sic] (rather than for an authorised agent), and provides, as an address for legal notices, the contact information of an attorney who had no prior knowledge of the forged agreement”.




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