xx claim rip off by Hugo Boss

November 2014

Recorded music


XL affiliate Young Turks has claimed that an advert released by Hugo Boss earlier this year contained a soundtrack that sounded very similar indeed to ‘Intro’, a track by one of the label’s bands The xx. The label took to Twitter to ask the German fashion company: “As a firm built around original design, isn’t it odd that you’d pay for such a poorly disguised fake?” The tweet then linked to the Hugo Boss commercial on YouTube. The link to the advert has now been removed from the below article and has been taken down from YouTube due to a ‘copyright claim by UMPI’. Just a couple of weeks  earlier singer and producer SOHN claimed that car manufacturer Audi had used part of his song “Lessons” without his permission in a commercial for their Audi A3 Sportback – or at least used a sound alike re-recording. Previously Beach House had hit out at Volkswagon back in 2012 for a sound alike track and Tom Waits settled with car firm Opel over a sound alike track used in an advert in 2007. The 1988 case of Bette Midler v Ford Motor Co found that hiring a sound alike vocalist to impersonate Bette Midler in an advertisement was “to impersonate her voice’ and thus was ‘ to pirate her identity’ just as Dior’s action in using a Christine Onassis ‘look alike’ model had infringed her rights.



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