Peppa Pig cracker roasted by global media giant

March 2015


Television, sound recordings


Joshua Lima – aged 10 – and his brother Noah (8), who perform as ‘Magician’s Nephew’, have reportedly received a legal letter from Peppa Pig’s owners Entertainment One saying their song Peppa Pig, which describes how the St Albans’s based boys and their band have fallen out of love with the global children’s brand, needed to be taken off iTunes. Why? Well, because the artwork they used infringes Trade Marks associated with Peppa Pig – and possibly copyrights too in artwork,. The song itself is not the issue (although undoubtedly very annoying for the owners of a brand which brings in £600 million a year). The songs itself looks pretty damn original and it begins with “My friends have lost their faith, they will scream it in your face, In the playground of our school, Peppa Pig is no longer cool!” and ends with “I know this must be hard, and I mean no disregard, Let’s go our separate ways, me and you were just a phase“. But the boys have been told to remove a recording from iTunes because they used a picture of the animated pig in their video for the song and as their iTunes artwork – they have now replaced it with a broken heart.  They have also now taken the song iTunes, but it is still available on their own website. With coverage in both the Mail and the Times – along with the Hertfordshire Advertiser, whilst the lads may have been surprised with Entertainment One’s heavy handed approach, they are no doubt delighted with the media storm.

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