Turk sues Cash Money for unpaid royalties

March 2015


Music publishing


Tab Virgil Jr. also known as “Turk,” is suing Miami based Cash Money Records claiming he’s owed $1.3 million for songs he wrote for Hot Boy$, a group that included rappers Lil Wayne, B.G. and Juvenile. Turk says he has not been paid any artist (recording) or music publishing royalties for the songs he had written, and that no accounting of royalties has ever been rendered by Cash Money. The claim also alleges that even though he has written songs for since1998 under an exclusive agreement, he has not received promised artist – either as a recording artist or as a songwriter – and that Cash Money has also failed to copyright any of his music, as required under the agreement. It seems Cash Money Records has been on the receiving end of similar claims in the past: Lil Wayne filed a lawsuit in Manhattan to end his contract with rapper Birdman and Cash Money Records for allegedly withholding millions of dollars in song royalties.


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