Fishbone plead for funds to fight stage diving claim

April 2015


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Angelo Moore, the front man of Fishbone, has posted a fundraising plea on explaining that the band are still facing legal action from a litigant named as Kimberley Myers over a stage diving incident. These are Angelo’s words:
“Kimberly Myers and Her 4 man Lawyer team THE JOKELSONS have successfully sued the Philadelphia campus, the club, our management and our booking agent and for some strange reason, have been given Yet ANOTHER opportunity to re-open the $1.4million law suit ………..AGAIN!

We had legal representation but could’nt afford to keep them. Believe it or not we are barely living month to month with the money that we make from our shows which does’nt allow us any Funds to pay for a lawyer. But with your donation and support we can hire another lawyer  to face the judge and represent us one last time. This will put and end to this FaLse and unfair acusation and completley dropped once and for all.

If you love Fishbone and the music that we have brought to you all these years along with the right of freedom of expression through dance. Please donate to our legal fund.”

Kimberley Myers had previously been awarded  $1.4 million in a federal court after she suffered injuries at a 2010 concert. The 46-year-old mother of three from New Jersey broke her skull and collarbone after Angelo “Dr. Madd Vibe” Moore, dived from a Philadelphia stage and landed on top of her. In February 2014 U.S. District Judge Jan DuBois said that despite the fact that Myers lost consciousness at the show, Fishbone “continued to perform as if nothing had happened.” DuBois had ordered Moore and his business partner, bassist John Norwood Fisher, to pay $1.1 million in compensatory damages. Moore also has to hand over an additional $250,000 in punitive damages. In a 2011 deposition, Moore said he doesn’t give any kind of warning before he stage-dives because it would ruin the “theatrics” of the performance. “People want to be on the edge when they go to a Fishbone show,” Moore reportedly said.
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