Billboard Awards and Akoi stage leaps both lead to lawsuits after fans injured

June 2015

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A failed jump from the main stage of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards to a nearby catwalk has landed Latin superstar Miguel and Billboard Music Awards with a personal injury lawsuit in Clark County, USA.  Audience member Cindy Tsai has accused Miguel and Billboard Music Awards of negligence for the singer’s leap from the main stage during his performance on May 19, 2013, at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Instead of successfully leaping over several audience members and landing on the catwalk several feet away, the claim says Miguel missed and landed on Tsai and another audience member.


Tsai says she was a guest in the pit area located next to the stage and next to the catwalk and alleges that  the singer “recklessly, carelessly, negligently and violently” slammed into her, “striking her head and crushing her into the side of the catwalk and injuring” her. Tsai accuses Miguel and other defendants of negligence and negligent hiring, training and supervision.  She seeks general and special damages, lost wages due to her “impaired and diminished earning capacity,” attorney’s fees and legal costs. Also named as defendants are MGM Grand Hotel, Billboard Music Awards 2013, Prometheus Global Media, Don Mischer Productions and a company called Seatfillers and More, which provided Tsai’s ticket to the awards show.


And DJ Steve Akoi is also facing a claim from concert goer Brittany Hickman who claimed she was knocked unconscious at a concert at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego in 2012 called ‘Intervention’ after Akoi jumped from a twenty high foot truss aiming at an inflatable raft that had been thrown into the audience: “He threw a pool raft into the crowd and climbed up the scaffolding to the top of the make-shift stage and then he jumped off of the stage into the pool raft” said Hickman. Hickman, who says she was close to the stage, claims her neck was broken, she was hospitalised for three days and off work for two months. Trial is scheduled for August 28th, 2015 before Judge Pressman in the San Diego Superior Court. The plaintiff claims she didn’t know anything about Akoi or his ‘wild’ shows. Steve Aoki, through his attorney Peter Doody, issued this statement: “I would never want anyone to get hurt at any of my shows and feel badly that someone has, but at this time I have been advised by my attorneys to not speak about this as it’s going to trial. Thank you for your understanding.” The Hard Rock Hotel San Diego is also named as a defendant.

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