Deep Purple – failed companies can’t sell our copyrights

March 2016

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In the wake of news that ReSolve Partners has been appointed as the administrator for Limited Deep Purple (Overseas) Ltd (“DPO”) and HEC Enterprises Ltd (“HEC”) and is asking for expressions of interest from third parties for the companies and their assests, Deep Purple themselves say their assets cannot be sold without their agreement, and that they had commenced legal proceedings against DPO and HEC before the firms fell into administration.
The remaining members of Deep Purple – Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Roger Glover – along with Victoria Lord, widow and executor of the Estate of Jon Lord, sent the following statement to MBW

  1. It has come to our attention that two companies, Deep Purple (Overseas) Ltd (“DPO”) and HEC Enterprises Ltd (“HEC”) have recently gone into administration and that ReSolve Partners Limited (“ReSolve”) have been appointed as administrators for both companies. We believe ReSolve are inviting offers from third parties for the business and assets of the two companies.
  2. We, (Ian Gillan, Ian Paice and Roger Glover, being continuing members of Deep Purple and Victoria Lord, representing Jon Lord, who was a member of the group until his death) commenced legal proceedings against both DPO and HEC and in particular those proceedings concern the ownership of various Deep Purple sound recording and song copyrights and the income generated thereby.

In short our position is that neither HEC nor DPO can, if it is their intention, dispose of or deal with those copyrights as between themselves and unidentified third parties. Our lawyers are, notwithstanding the two companies going into administration, instructed to progress and enforce our rights in relation to those copyrights (amongst other matters).
This statement is to put you on notice of our claims/ rights/ interests. If further information is required please address your enquiries to our lawyers, Russells (Tel: 02074398692 Ref: SMT) or our royalty managers, The Royalty Consultancy (Tel: 01908 568800 Ref: MC).
Former DEEP PURPLE guitarist Ritchie Blackmore sued both companies last year, claiming he was significantly underpaid for co-writing many of the band’s most famous songs, including “Smoke On The Water”, “Black Night” and “Highway Star” and he spent £43,400 conducting an audit covering the years between 2007 and 2013, which allegedly found that under-accounting by both management companies resulted in a shortfall of more than £710,000


HEC Enterprises Ltd was originally founded in the 1960s by businessman Tony Edwards with two business partners, Ron Hire and John Coletta and

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