Petition launched to support secondary ticketing

March 2016

Live events sector



A new pro-secondary ticketing campaign has been launched in the UK, calling on the government to ensure the secondary ticketing market is protected from suggested reforms. The UK government is currently reviewing the secondary ticketing market as a result of commitments made in last year’s Consumer Rights Act. Professor Michael Waterson is leading the review, and numerous promoters and artists including Elton John and Mumford & Sons are calling for tighter regulation of the resale market. Professor Waterson will lead “an independent, consultative and evidence based review of consumer protection measures in the online ticket resale market. As required by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, this independently chaired review on secondary ticketing will report its findings before 26 May 2016.”
The new online petition says “as fans who regularly attend live events, we urge [Waterson] to support our right to resell tickets without restrictions being imposed by event organisers” adding “Event organisers are lobbying hard to make it easier to cancel or void tickets that have been offered for resale without their permission” and “But we believe that fans should be free to resell tickets that they have purchased wherever they want”. The petition continues with “Further restrictions on resale will mean that many fans will be unable to sell tickets they bought for events that they can no longer attend. In many other cases, it will push people away from legitimate resellers and into the arms of street touts, where no protections apply”.
CMU name Simon Gentry as a ‘music fan’ and the petition organiser, noting that he is Director of Corporate and Public Affairs at MWW, the PR firm working on the Fan Freedom campaign, the pro-secondary ticketing initiative.

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