Lambeth Council told to think again over Club 414 redevelopment

June 2016

The live events sector



The High Court has ordered Lambeth Council to reconsider a decision to grant planning permission to redevelop Brixton’s Club 414 into shops and flats. The club began life in 985 as a reggae club, hosting many famous acts. It switched to dance music in the 90s and is now one of the few specialist house and trance clubs left in London.
Despite objections, the planning permission was granted by Lambeth council planning officers, and not councillors, under delegated powers, would lead to the closure of the club together with a flat which is the home of the club’s owner, Louise Barron, who fought the move.
Both the council and the developer conceded the claim. However the council would not agree to a statement of reasons that included unlawful delegation as a reason for quashing the planning permission. The council did accept that it had failed to consider the (then emerging) Lambeth Local Plan, which was adopted just one week after the grant of permission. The Plan recognises the importance of protecting the night-time economy in Brixton and supports leisure uses where they contribute to the vitality and viability of Brixton town centre.
Mr Justice Gilbart accepted the agreed order and quashed the planning permission. He also ordered the council and developer to pay the claimant’s legal costs. The application for planning permission now returns to the council to take the decision again.


A Lambeth Council spokesman said: “The planning permission has been quashed by consent.  The council will have to redetermine the application in due course.”
The application for planning permission now returns to the Council to take the decision again.

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