CAA moves forward with action against UTA

June 2016

Live events sector


The Los Angeles Superior Court has issued a number of rulings in Creative Artist Agency’s (CAA) lawsuit which accuses United Talent Agency (UTA) of poaching several agents last year. While Judge Lisa Hart Cole rejected UTA’s motion to dismiss some portions of the suit, she also dismissed CAA’s claims for attorneys fees. The Judge also struck punitive damages allegations against UTA, but allowed them to go forward against agents Gregory Cavic and Gregory McKnight – two of the agents who left CAA for UTA in April 2015. However CAA will be allowed to file an amended complaint within 20 days to support their claim that Cavic and McKnight signed potential CAA clients for UTA during last year’s Sundance Film Festival, which they attended on behalf of CAA at UTA’s behest.


UTA had objected to CAA’s  “allegations of conspiracy to ‘steal clients and employees’ from CAA, as well as ‘the clandestine manner in which they carried out their plans,’” according to Variety. Calling the allegations “inflammatory,” UTA argued they were “irrelevant, false, improper or immaterial matters, which have absolutely nothing to do with this action but are prejudicial to the defendants.” The judge disagreed and ruled that rather than being “hyperbolic prose befitting a dime store novel,” as depicted in  UTA’s claim, CAA’s claims were in fact relevant to its claims for intentional interference and breach of fiduciary duty.
The other three of the five agents who left for UTA, Nick Nuciforo, Martin Lesak and Jason Heyman, are now in private arbitration proceedings  Variety reports.

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