Apple suggests new royalty rate for streaming music

August 2016

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Apple has filed a new proposal with the US Copyright Royalty Board which it says it hopes will “simplify” songwriting royalties in the States by 2018. Apple has suggested that all on-demand streaming services should pay songwriters a statutory rate of 9.1 Cents every 100 plays – a per-stream rate of $0.00091, or $910 per million streams, or $910,000 for a billion – thought to be more that Spotify’s ‘free’ ad supported platform would generate.


And in Australia, commercial radio broadcasters will have to pay a licence fee for songs streamed over the internet after a Copyright Tribunal ruling.
The long-running legal battle between the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) and Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) finally reached a conclusion after nearly seven years. CRA had previously argued that as it already pays a licence fee for music for radio and shouldn’t have to pay again for making  that broadcast available over the internet. Now the Copyright Tribunal has finalised the terms of the scheme where commercial radio broadcasters will pay simulcast licence fees for songs streamed over the internet.


And Screen Producers Australia (SPA) has reached agreement  with performers for the broadcasting, repeats and streaming rights for Australian content. The agreement with the Actors Television Repeats and Residuals Agreement (ATRRA) will allow free-to-air broadcasters to run Australian drama programs eight times over three years, at no extra cost, with 30-day catch-up windows on each run to reflect the new ways the audience consumers programmes.  The SPA said performers would get at least a 10 per cent increase on current rates, and possibly more from re-licensing of content.

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