Male model sues Cardi B over mixtape cover

December 2017



Cardi B is reportedly being sued by a male model who allegedly features on the cover of her 2016 mixtape, ‘Gansta Bitch Music Vol 1‘, with the image used suggesting that the model is performing oral sex on the rapper.

Although Kevin Brophy’s face cannot be seen in the image, he alleges that the distinctive tattoos on his back confirm his identity. TMZ reports that Brophy did not model for the artwork, and only became aware of the cover when a friend told him that they’d seen him “cunnilinging this rapper called Cardi B”. Brophy said that the image has negatively affected his family wife, he was worried that his wife would think he had been unfaithful to her and his young son saw the image and wanted to know “what Daddy was doing”.

Brody says that he has had his tattoo of a tiger fighting a snake for over ten years, but has never met Cardi B or anyone on her team. In a lawsuit, he is suing the rapper and her management for $5 million.

You can see the cover and the model here and more here

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