Ticketmaster faces Canadian action against over hidden price hikes

February 2018

Live events sector


Live Nation’s Ticketmaster is facing legal action from Canada’s Competition Bureau, which has announced that it is taking action against the entertainment giant for allegedly misleading consumers on the pricing for sports and other ticketed events after an investigation found that advertised prices were deceptive because consumers would be forced to pay additional fees which are added later in the purchasing process, which is referred to as “drip pricing.” An investigation found that Ticketmaster’s fees often inflated the prices of a ticket by more than 20 percent, although in some instances this went up to 65 percent of the price consumers pay. The Competition Bureau has requested the Competition Tribunal put an end to the deceptive marketing practices and subject the Live Nation-owned company to a financial penalty.

Commissioner of Competition John Pecman said in a statement: “In July, we called on ticket vendors to review their marketing practices. Today, we are filing an application with the [Competition] Tribunal to stop Ticketmaster from making deceptive claims to consumers” adding “Together, these actions send a strong signal to online retailers: consumers must have confidence that advertised prices are the ones they will pay.” 

In response, Ticketmaster issued a statement, telling the CBC that it “remains committed to getting tickets into the hands of fans and has long practiced transparency to enable informed purchasing decisions. Ticketmaster continues to work closely with provincial governments to enhance consumer protection and provide the best ticketing experience for fans.”



UPDATE HERE https://www.ticketnews.com/2018/01/ticketmaster-drip-pricing-class-action/  Just days after Canada’s Competition Bureau filed suit against Live Nation in that country for what it refers to as “Drip Pricing” – the act of introducing substantial fees at the tail end of a ticketing transaction – Merchant Law Group LLP has announced a national class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

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