Were Ultra’s counter drone activities in violation of federal law?

May 2020

LICENSING: Were the counter-drone company who had been brought in by Miami Police for the Ultra Music Festival actually operating in contravention of federal law? The FAA has now said that by jamming drone signals in the Festival’s Virginia Key’s home may indeed be a problem The FAA said in a statement that the agency had “looked into a report that the Miami Police Department (MPD) hired a company to provide counter-drone services during a recent music festival in Key Biscayne. MPD stopped the operations after the FAA advised the department that the use of counter-drone technologies may create possible conflicts with federal law.” The jamming of drone signals can only be legally performed by government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. Miami Police did not want to respond on camera to questions from the news organization but stated that: “After extensive research, we have learned that Vigilant Drone Defense, Inc. was at the 2019 Ultra Music Festival for a demonstration of drone technologies.”  The Police said that they were unaware that such counter-drone jamming activities would be against federal law.

Reports said that the FAA is looking into the matter and the FCC is likely to get involved as well since the jamming of radio signals falls under their authority. 

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