Gaga gets Judas claim and mermaid blues

September 2011

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Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) is facing a claim from singer Rebecca Francescatti that Gaga’s song Judas is a copy of  Francescatti’s Juda released in 1999 and that musicologists supported her claim. Francescatti, A Chicago based singer, has said that whilst the two songs have been recorded in different styles, the compositon is the same and the chorus has the same melody. Francescatti, who records as Rebecca F, also says that her former bass player Brian Gaynor now works with Gaga producer Paul Blair (DJ White Shadow) who worked on Gaga’s Born This Way album and helped record a version of Juda in 2005.  The  lawsuit has been filed in the Northern District of Illinois

Gaga has also faced criticism from  Bette Middler who says Gaga’s appearance on stage in a wheelchair dressed as a mermaid copied an act Middler had been performing since 1978. Gaga has said that she didn’t know about Middler’s act when she first used the mermaid routine but does now.  Middler tweeted “I’ve been doing the singing mermaid act since 1980 – you can keep the meat dress and the firecracker tits – the mermaid’s mine”.

Of the 99,652 votes cast on TMZ when I logged on, 70% thought Gaga’s song was NOT a rip off. I have to say I agreed, but you can compare for yourself at

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