What To Do When Your Customers Flock to the Cloud? Hopefully, You Don’t Sue Them

June 2011


By Erika Morphy on Forbes.com

Google has joined Amazon by launching a new music-based digital locker service – despite not have any licensing deals in place with the record companies or music publishers. Amazon had previously argued that its digital locker service did not require licences from with record labels or music publishers because all its digital locker does is allow users to upload their own MP3 collections to remote servers, and to then download or stream that music back to any net-connected device via a user-friendly player. Amazon has already launched is Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player services and Google’s Music Beta joins them as an unlicensed digital locker. The US case of EMI v MP3tuneswill be significant in determining the legality of these unlicensed platforms. Now, here’s a plea to the music industry – don’t sue your customers (again!).


Also see MPAA v Zediva: Zediva is a online movie rental business, launched in March. By using only physical DVDs—one per customer at a time—Zediva hopes to be able to create a video-on-demand business without getting licensing deals from the owners of the movies it streams. The movie studios don’t agree …..http://paidcontent.org/article/419-mpaa-v.-zediva-is-shaping-up-to-be-quite-the-legal-showdown/

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