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June 2011

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Professor  Ian Hargreaves, charged by David Cameron with independently reviewing UK intellectual property law  and the environment to promote e-businesses in the UK, has now published his Report Digital Opportunity which can be found at There is plenty of comment online so I didn’t feel the need to repeat the detail of the Report here, but in a nutshell here are a few of the recommendations relevant to the music industry recommended to Government:

  • Legalising format shifting and look at copyright exceptions at national level to realise all the opportunities within the EU framework, including exceptions for parody, non-commercial research, and library archiving.
  • Solve the problem  of ‘orphan works’ by establishing an extended collective licensing for mass licensing
  • The appointment of a senior figure to oversee the design and implementation of a “cross sectoral Digital Copyright Exchange”
  • the UK should support EC moves to establish a framework for cross-border licensing
  • The IPO seek to facilitate improvements in the accessibility of the IP system for small companies, and that it “be given the necessary powers and mandate in law to ensure that it focuses on its central task of ensuring that the UK’s IP system promotes innovation and growth through efficient, contestable markets”,
  • The enforcement regime set out in the Digital Economy Act 2010 (DEA) is targeted for specific Ofcom monitoring both before and when it comes into force next year.

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