Ugandan star faces pornography prosecution for racy video
Censorship / June 2015

CENSORSHIP Broadcasting, all areas   Ugandan pop singer Jemimah Kansiime, who performs as Panadol Wa’basajja (which translates as ‘medicine for men’) is facing prosecution under Uganda’s 2014 Anti-Pornography Act, the conservative government’s somewhat draconian attempt to ban porn or “any representation of the sexual parts of a person for primarily sexual excitement.” The Act defines pornography as “any representation through publication, exhibition, cinematography, indecent show, information technology or by whatever means, of a person engaged in real or simulated explicit sexual activities or any representation of the sexual parts of a person for primarily sexual excitement.” It goes on to state that “a person shall not produce, traffic in, publish, broadcast, procure, import, export, sell or abet any form” of the state’s interpretation of porn. The penalty, if convicted, is a fine or up to ten years in prison or both. The prosecution is the result of a racy music video for the track “Nkulinze” where the 21-year-old pop star can be seen dancing in a soaped-up thong and not much else. Kansiime released the video last September and was arrested two months later after Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo was apparently “shocked” by the video. Lokodo has recently boasted that he and his “intelligence team”…

Artists , Copyright , Record Labels / June 2003

COPYRIGHT Record Labels, Artists Widescale CD and cassette piracy in Uganda have prompted the Uganda Performing Right Society (UPRS) to push for legislation to criminalise piracy. UPRS estimate that over ten million units are copied and sold in Uganda annually depriving copyright owners of substantial royalty payments. Source: